Here’s to Crossing the Midline!

The midline. It is a boundary. And every time you cross it…watch out!  It just might change your life. To me, crossing the midline is gaining a perspective that shakes your brain and challenges you so much that it radiates into the way you act, live, and respond.

When my son was little he was asked to draw an “x” on a piece of paper at the doctor’s office.  He couldn’t do it. His “x” looked like this / /. I was told by his occupational therapist that he couldn’t “cross the midline.” In other words, the left and right side of his brain weren’t talking.  He couldn’t coordinate his arms to catch a ball, balance very well, or write correctly. It took years of intense training and practice moving his arms in certain ways and doing activities that forced his brain to create the neural connections needed to bring the left and right side together.

Crossing the midline. It is a perfect metaphor for the challenges in life. And as I reach my “midline” in years, I find myself continually wondering why it is so easy for all of us to sit on one side of the line and fail to do the work it takes to unite with the other side. Maybe if we did, we could create the connections needed to bring more balance to our lives and our world.

So here’s to crossing the midline and knowing the joy of having my heart, mind and soul opened ever further.

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