A Chemist’s Heart

by Trish Cozart

A biologist’s heart is muscle
A writer’s heart is his soul
A psychologist’s heart is the I
A chef’s heart is in his bowl

A artist’s heart – an abstract thump
An engineer’s heart – a working pump
But of one profession it is true
A chemist’s heart is pure Au.

Too Many Nicknames

by Trish Cozart

Come here,
Dutch dog!
Fat dog!

Dee Dee!

Come here,
Fuzz face!


How many dogs
do you have?
Just one.
Why won’t he come?

I Hate Camp

by Trish Cozart

The food tastes bad
Like cardboard and mold
The tent leaks
My feet are cold
The kids are mean
They throw rocks
My counselors yell
I can’t find my socks
I sleep in my clothes
There are no moms here
I haven’t showered in days
Can I come next year?

Mommy, May I?

by Trish Cozart

A little boy once said to me,
“Mommy, may I pet that bee?”
“No,” said I, “ or you’ll have a sting.”
“Yes,” said he….”but I’ll have felt the wing!”

A little boy once said to me
“Mommy, may I climb that tree?”
“No,” said I, “you might fall down.”
“Yes,” said he, “but I’ll have seen the town!”

A little boy once said to me,
“Mommy, may I sail the sea?”
“No,” said I, “Your boat might fail.”
“Yes,” said he, “but I’ll have seen a whale!”

“Mommy,” said that little boy
“How will I ever know life’s joy?”
Said I, “You won’t as an observer.
So go ahead, son,…but bring your life preserver!”

My Knight in Shining El Camino

by Trish Cozart

Perched upon my balcony
I gaze into the atmosphere
Dreaming of my charming prince
And wondering when he will appear

My dress of silk and lace and sash
Wisping back on a rippled gale
(Some might say it’s merely cotton
of simple style and colors pale)

Hark! I hear a piercing bell
And I am drawn from my view
(when someone from the other room
suddenly calls, “It’s for you!”)

A voice replies, “Hi, Baby!”
Oh, yes, oh, can it be?
My prince, my knight, my hero
Is coming forth to rescue me?

A braver man I have not met
Then my Levi-armored knight
A dashing cavalier quite complete
Though a flea he would not fight

I can see him riding now
But not on Golden Palomino
Yet, he brings me the truest love
My Knight in Shining El Camino

Zoo Review

by Trish Cozart

Colocolo, Mulgara, Fossa, Quoll
Wombat, Numbat, Marsupial Mole
Siamang, Bandicoot, Dingo, Civet
You probably don’t have one of these as a pet.

Dugong, Boutu, Red-legged Pandemelon
Oribi, Bongo, Cuban Solendon
Sable, Hyrax, Spot-billed Toucanet
Here are some animals you’ve never heard of, I bet.

Dog, Horse, Pig, Cat
Don’t limit yourself to creatures like that
When there are so many strange ones to see
Like a Great Jarboa or a Black Mangaby

I Can See Electrons

by Trish Cozart

I can see electrons
Maybe it is just my mind
Thinking of situations, future and past
Figuring, analyzing, dissecting
When I stare into my paper
Past the words, through the table
I can see electrons

No one understands
They say, “It’s just dust on your eyeball.”
I know they cannot see them
It is cyclic, mysterious
It is chaotic and organized
I’m convinced it’s not dust
It’s wanderlust
It’s electrons

No More Legos?

by Trish Cozart

One day I blinked and the Legos left
I searched high and low
The vacuum didn’t notice them
Where did they go?

I found some batteries and cords
A charger and a phone
I saw a streak zip through the door
Is that a new ringtone?

I looked beneath the laptop
And underneath the stairs
I think they left with Obi Wan
Doesn’t anybody care?

GI Joe must have slipped away
Under darkness of night
Seized the Bionicles and Pokemon
What a dreadful sight!

I adore every age
They bring new wonders for my boys
But I must childishly confess
I sure do miss their toys.

Kindergarten Chemistry

by Trish Cozart

Electrostatic ionic bond
Fishies swim in ducky pond
Photoelectric energy
Turn around and count to three
Configuration in stable state
Chocolate cookies on a plate
Atomic mass of aluminum
“Look! Look! See Spot run!”
Radiation from gamma ray
Time for recess! Let’s go play!
Emission knocks electron loose
Color picture of Mother Goose
Double-occupied orbital ring
Dance in circles while we sing
Metalloids in a periodic table
Moral form an Aesop’s fable
Subshell octet rule set
Letters in the alphabet
Acid changes litmus red
Eight o’clock, time for bed

Written in 1986 during my Organic Chemistry class at Colorado State University. A class that was much harder than Kindergarten and not nearly as fun.

My Boys

by Trish Cozart

Who would care for the scaly, untouchable creatures…
If it weren’t for my boys
Who would love Godzilla for his good-hearted features…
If it weren’t for my boys
Whose feet could attract a puddle of mud
Like a magnet to metal or a bee to a bud…
If it weren’t for my boys.

Who would look at the Earth from an ant’s point-of-view…
If it weren’t for my boys
Who could spend countless hours in a cardboard canoe…
If it weren’t for my boys
How could I receive those dirt-covered hugs
Filled with more love than the slime in ten slugs…
If it weren’t for my boys.

The rough and tumble, the blood and the bruises
The yahoos and growls, the grime and the oozes.
If it weren’t for my boys how could I understand
The wonderful world
found in each grain of sand.