The time we waste in our lives is only wasted time
if we haven’t learned from it and turned it into rhyme.

Poetry runs in my veins. I’ve been writing poetry as long as I can remember. When processing the world around me, it doesn’t initially come out as analysis, music, prose, or visual art — it always comes out in verse.

My poetic style is influenced by some of my favorite poets including Robert Frost, Lewis Carroll, Robert Burns, Ogden Nash, Shel Silverstein, Jack Prelutsky, and Dr. Seuss.  But ultimately, like any poet, my style and voice reflects my own life experiences and perspectives.

I hope you enjoy a window into my world and, just maybe by looking through mine, you find a glimpse of your own.

Trish Cozart

A sampling of my poetry:
–  Perspectives
–  Lighter Side of Life
–  Relationships