The Land Between

by Trish Cozart

I wander through the wilderness
The wild, cruel wilderness
I climb rocky cliffs
I slip and trip on roots and push through branches
When I finally stop and look around
I see 360 degrees of beautiful, breathtaking land between

I limp through this land between
Sinking into the course grains
They pinch and pierce my foot
Trapped between the bindings of my sole
When I finally stop and set myself free
The land between runs warm and soft and smooth between my toes

As I move through this land between
I find myself in tears
They trickle down slowly until there are so many
They form a puddle on the ground
I watch as they fill the cracks and replenish the land between
Springing forth new growth

Oh, this wretchedly beautiful land between
My Earthly home
This place where I trip, stumble, fall, and cry
This wonderful place
Where I find that I have all I really need
And that joy comes from the Spirit

…wandering, still wandering, in this land between

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