Ode to Kindergarten Teachers

by Trish Cozart

There are few in this world who look at a child
Who is not their own—
And see the soul inside

And fewer still who look at a child
Whose wings have not yet flown—
And find a sense of pride.

And fewer yet who will show a child
Who sometimes goes astray—
The power of a smile.

And fewer still who will give a child
Who has too much to say—
An ear to hear awhile.

And who will sing and dance and laugh
In a public space—
And never blush at all.

And who is the first to give away
Love’s warm embrace—
When trouble comes to call.

Who are these few, these saints from high
Who instruct life’s truth—
They’re dear and precious creatures.

Who are these few with qualities rare
That give their hearts to youth—
They’re kindergarten teachers.

This poem was written in 2000 and dedicated to my son’s kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Seibert. After an intense year, she was and continued to be a light in his darkness — a teacher that really cared about my son as a person. She saw in him what few could see.

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