My Knight in Shining El Camino

by Trish Cozart

Perched upon my balcony
I gaze into the atmosphere
Dreaming of my charming prince
And wondering when he will appear

My dress of silk and lace and sash
Wisping back on a rippled gale
(Some might say it’s merely cotton
of simple style and colors pale)

Hark! I hear a piercing bell
And I am drawn from my view
(when someone from the other room
suddenly calls, “It’s for you!”)

A voice replies, “Hi, Baby!”
Oh, yes, oh, can it be?
My prince, my knight, my hero
Is coming forth to rescue me?

A braver man I have not met
Then my Levi-armored knight
A dashing cavalier quite complete
Though a flea he would not fight

I can see him riding now
But not on Golden Palomino
Yet, he brings me the truest love
My Knight in Shining El Camino

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