Kindergarten Chemistry

by Trish Cozart

Electrostatic ionic bond
Fishies swim in ducky pond
Photoelectric energy
Turn around and count to three
Configuration in stable state
Chocolate cookies on a plate
Atomic mass of aluminum
“Look! Look! See Spot run!”
Radiation from gamma ray
Time for recess! Let’s go play!
Emission knocks electron loose
Color picture of Mother Goose
Double-occupied orbital ring
Dance in circles while we sing
Metalloids in a periodic table
Moral form an Aesop’s fable
Subshell octet rule set
Letters in the alphabet
Acid changes litmus red
Eight o’clock, time for bed

Written in 1986 during my Organic Chemistry class at Colorado State University. A class that was much harder than Kindergarten and not nearly as fun.

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