For Added Adventure… Jump!


My adventure brother and me taking my mom for a jump off the Sand Dunes sometime in the early 80s.

There is a word I cannot resist…and my brother said it yet again over a text a couple weeks ago. When giving me directions for a hiking trail, he gave me some “road not taken” instructions to counter his first status quo option. He offered up a choice to go down a trail most people are currently avoiding. He said, and I quote “…you can add ADVENTURE by jumping the creek where a washed out bridge was.”

Of course, I added the adventure.

And why wouldn’t I? I’ve been following my older brother since I was a kid. My brother is the coolest adventure brother ever. If it is tall and rocky, he has probably climbed, skied, or ran up it  (and, yes, I mean skied UP it).


Me and my adventure brother in the mountains of Colorado (1980s).

As children we built things, designed things, and tried things. Or actually, what I should say is he built and designed things and I tried them. I still remember one particularly invigorating ride down Bayaud hill strapped to a golf bag trolley turned bicycle chariot (no helmet, of course, this was the 70s.)

As adults, not much has changed. We just adventure separately. He climbs the tallest thing near him at any given point in time or place and I jump off of or into the nearest thing to me at any given time or place. He calculates, measures, prepares, tracks and records his adventures. I just jump.

Luckily, despite my spontaneity, I occasionally have the presence of mind to ask him for advice. And luckily, despite all of his calculations (or possibly because of them), he still advises me to take the road less traveled by.  And it has made all the difference.

Here’s to you, Matt! Thank you! And long live the Mean Green Beans, the Ecology Club, and Eggpup!


Flipping off some cliff in Crete in the 90s. Weeeee!

matt climb

The man with the plan. A helmet (must be 2016)!


Jumping into the Green River in Canyonlands. Watch out below!


Skiing up!


When my brother gives me the option to add adventure…of course I listen. Washed out bridge? Bring it on!

2 thoughts on “For Added Adventure… Jump!

  1. Wow , great discription of both of you. As your Mom I shared in some of your adventures. Mostly I would be the one to say don’t get too close to the edge. I am glad you both live life fully. I still like to remind you to play it safe. It is a mothers prerogative . Love you both so much, Mom


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