It’s the Little Things


Love is a spoon.

Love sometimes seems like such a giant subject– huge enough to fill the universe and envelope an entire world. Even the idea of finding  “the love of your life” seems big and romantic. But what I’ve discovered over the years is that love is really not a big thing at all, but a lot of little things…little itty bitty tiny things.

After 27 years of marriage, I have become intensely aware of them. I just returned from a super fun road trip — a road trip with a friend for my own pleasure. I was greeted back at home with my bed turned down with fresh sheets, the carpet vacuumed in the living room, and the dishes done. No one was home yet, but love was everywhere… wrapped up in the little things.

I’ve come to recognize these and a thousand other little things…like one spoon left in the utensil drawer so I could have my cereal in the morning  (when clearly the rest sit dirty in the dishwasher). The spoon wasn’t there by accident. It was saved or washed or left for me. Or the daily tiny gestures both given and received…a wink…a touch…a look.. and never in expectation of a thank you or a returned favor.

I am moved by love every day.

I’ve been holding back on this blog subject — thinking I should save it for our anniversary or my husband’s birthday or some other BIG day. But it wouldn’t be right. That would directly oppose my point. It is just another day…another ordinary day to shower and be showered  with extraordinary tiny little acts of love.

3 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things

  1. Dad and I have always been greatful for the love that you and Jeff share.we know you appreciate each other in thousands of ways. I am greatful that I have enjoyed 51 years of a love like that. My hope is that you two have another 50 or so ahead of you. Love to you both, Mom


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