The Mark of the Feast


Yikes. My lunch receipt! The mark of the beast.

It might not be marked on my forehead, but 666 is the number the cashier at Subway said I owed him — the price of my 6-inch meatball sub, a bag of chips, and a drink — the meal deal.

I looked at him and said “Really? Is this the common total people get? Do you realize I’m here for a church meeting? Is this a bad sign?”

He replied. “Out of $20?”

My thought process that followed:

What to do.  Ahh….buy a cookie! That will change the total. But, wait, I just paid. Too late. Cookies. Yum. They look delicious. But, I should really avoid sweets. Darn, now I’ve got cookies on my mind.  [Trish purchases three cookies.]

Guess the number was my undoing after all. At least I can say the devil made me do it.

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