Thrown for a Loop Hole


I gave this amazing cake up this week. Rule #2: No sugar. That one hurt.

Loop holes. Why are they so easy to find when we are in a tight spot? Humans are amazing. How do we do it? Maybe it is an element of the survival level of Maslow’s hierarchy.

If you are keeping up, you know that in my last post Food is Fuel, Not Our Friend, I challenged myself to eat as if food were fuel and not my friend for seven days. I had a plan with my made-up rules. I failed. But not in the way I thought I would.

What I discovered is that I am great at justifying loop holes. So, for example, here were  some of my dilemmas:

 To Drink or Not to Drink

Question: Can I have milk?

Rule #1: Water. Lots of water and only water to drink.

Rule #5: Dairy. As long as it isn’t cheese and is nonfat or low fat, I can have it.

My ruling: Rule #5 would say “yes” and Rule #1 would say “no.” What did I do? I drank milk. I figured I would argue in court that these were confusing rules and my sugar-starved brain couldn’t distinguish between the two.

Potato Problems

Question: Can I have those yummy French fries with my chicken?

Rule #3: Fruits and Vegetables. Yes, but only the ones I like.

Rule #6: Grains. None.

My ruling: Yes, and you can have mashed potatoes and gravy and fried potatoes with your egg white omelet, too. Now deep in my heart I believe my intention was to cut down on the carbs. So when those potato options came my way, I quickly looked to my rules. Potatoes are not a grain. Check. Potatoes aren’t a vegetable. Awesome. Bring on the fries!

Despite my incredible ability to justify foods, I found these seven days to be completely doable. The first two days I craved sugar, but quickly forgot that friend. And, I did feel a lot better. I didn’t lose a single pound thanks to my milk and French fries, but I did feel better. Hooray! And I celebrated with a Coke and some chocolate covered almonds. Now my stomach hurts.

Looks like I’m going to have to make some amendments to my laws. I’m determined to continue. I hope there’s no more pork-barrel politics. Hey, I could pay myself off in popcorn! Popcorn is a vegetable, right?




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