Joy Is an Empty Basement and the Birth of a Company

new office

This office probably looks boring to you, but this sunny yellow space is an amazing accomplishment and my ticket to privacy.

Fellow bloggers and readers: I am writing this post from my basement. This may not sound extraordinairy, but it is! Please celebrate with me! It is the first time in many, many months I have been able to sit at my desk at home. I’ve officially reclaimed my basement (and the rest of my house).

Over the last year, I have happily relinquished control of my basement, my garage, my guest bathroom, my dishwasher, and my kitchen to accommodate the startup company growing in the womb of my home. On any given day there are 15 plus men, sometimes more, coming in and out of my front door. (You cannot win the toilet seat battle, ladies).

But today, they have finished moving into their own, albeit temporary, office space. So exciting for them… and for me!

Things I Can Now Do

  1. Run around my home freely in my pajamas.
  2. Work from home one day a week (even in my pajamas).
  3. Buy a lot less toilet paper (in my pajamas…ok maybe not).
  4. Lock my front door.
  5. Yell at the dog less.
  6. Clean out my refrigerator.
  7. Get my carpets cleaned.
  8. Set up my bike on its trainer.
  9. Beat the CEO (my husband) in ping pong (statistically speaking I will…and in my pajamas).
  10. Know whose food is in my refrigerator (it’s mine, I think).

My friend, Mrs. Afthead, asked if the basement dwellers (as we like to call them) were astonished to come above ground and see the sun. She had imagined them as mole people down there. But alas, we have a walkout basement, so they had already been acclimated. But, I did notice they painted their new office a bright sunny yellow. Good choice.

Congratulations guys! Ratchet will miss all of your pets. You will not miss all of his barking during telephone calls. I will miss seeing your smiling faces…but I’m quite sure I will still see you frequently.

Now, where is the number for the carpet cleaner? Yikes! I better change out of my pajamas before they get here!

4 thoughts on “Joy Is an Empty Basement and the Birth of a Company

  1. I think someone was so into staying in her pajamas that she didn’t go to church today. That’s ok. I think Jesus likes pajamas almost as much as you do! Glad you got your space back, and that your CEO husband has his new space.


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