Leave Your Mark


What mark will you leave in this life?

My uncle’s funeral was today. I wasn’t there. Instead I went for a walk by myself in the snow miles and miles away. I wasn’t close to my uncle, but as I walked in the snow it made me think a lot of him and about life. With each step I left another mark in the snow. I couldn’t stop thinking about our lives. When we leave this world, what mark will we leave?

I think we all hope they are good marks. We do our best to leave marks that are helpful and kind and good. But no human alive hasn’t hurt someone or something along the way. Our marks are inevitably a mix of perfectly placed prints and careless trips.

When I think about my uncle, I only have a few really vivid memories. Sadly, those memories are around times when he was sad, depressed, or in trouble. I know in my heart those aren’t the only marks he left. I just wasn’t there to see the other marks—those marks of joy and happiness he surely shared with his friends and with his children. Those unseen marks.

As I continued my walk, I spied some bunny tracks. One lone little bunny. What difference does that little bunny make in this world? I may be the only one that ever notices his tracks, but does that make him less significant?

I don’t think we need to be Thomas Edison or Mother Teresa to make a real difference. There are Earth angels all around leaving their silent marks in the snow. Like how I watched my dad consistently go visit his brother, my uncle, even in the worst of times. Helping him get out of bed and eat something healthy–helping him realize that life was worth it. Helping his brother leave his mark, while leaving one of his own.


Little bunny tracks seem so faint and insignificant, but they aren’t. They mean something pretty big to me.

One thought on “Leave Your Mark

  1. Nice Trish. I only saw Jim twice in my life. I found him to be intelligent and interesting in spite of his difficult life. I know Larry always was there to help him and give him someone to lean on. May he rest in peace.- Uncle John

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