Writing Prompt from a 4th Grader #2: Barfing Up Cookies or Brownies?


No, this is not a cooking blog. This post is about throwing up baked goods. Are you sure you still want to read it?

As previously described in my post Jar Jar Binks in My Bedroom…Help! I have received a series of writing prompts from my fabulous, young friend.  Here is another one of his crazy-wonderful writing prompts.  Although he said I needed at least two paragraphs, he informed me that only five would get me the A. So, of course, I gave him five.  How would you answer his question?

His Prompt: If you could eat either brownies or chocolate chip cookies until you got sick, which one would you pick? Write at least two paragraphs.

My Response: Vomit. Now there is something I do not like to do. It reminds me of having the flu when I was a child. It also reminds me of the time when I gorged myself on candy corn when I was ten. It took me about 20 years to be able to eat and enjoy candy corn again. So, if I absolutely had to choose between chocolate chip cookies and brownies as the next food that I would eat until I became violently ill, I would have to consider which of those I could live without for the next two decades. After considering some of my personal goals, the answer becomes crystal clear for me. Chocolate chip cookies. Why? Because they are ubiquitous, addicting, and replaceable.

Chocolate chip cookies were invented 77 years ago and became an instant favorite. Almost every bakery or cookie company has a chocolate chip option. This makes it a great choice as the confection I would want to make me sick. I am trying to eat healthier foods and if chocolate chip cookies were disgusting to me, there would be many opportunities to avoid eating this sugary food. That would help me say no to the cookie and hello to a sweet piece of fruit.

Another reason I would pick the cookie over the brownie is because of the addicting nature of cookies. Typically, when you eat cookies for dessert you can hardly ever stop at one. Think about it? No one ever offers you a cookie and milk. It is always cookies and milk. Brownies, on the other hand, are always offered as a single piece and can be cut into a sensible portion. This would help me with my goal of healthy eating, too.

The final reason I would choose chocolate chip cookies over brownies would be because there are so many kinds of cookies and only a few brownie varieties. If I was really desperate for a cookie and could not stand the thought of a chocolate chip, I could still find a cookie I would enjoy. The same is not true for brownies. I like a lot of cookies, such as oatmeal raisin, sugar, chocolate drop, coconut macaroon, or even a nice Girl Scout Thin Mint. I would be in a world of hurt finding a substitute for a brownie – there is only one ooey, gooey, chocolate, rectangular piece of deliciousness.

Writing this paper taught me a valuable lesson. I NEVER want to eat so much of anything that it causes me to hurl. I like my sweet tooth and want to keep it happy. Even the ancient Greeks knew this. The saying “nothing in excess” was inscribed on the temple of Apollo at Delphi. So here’s to 20 more years of brownies and chocolate chip cookies!

3 thoughts on “Writing Prompt from a 4th Grader #2: Barfing Up Cookies or Brownies?

  1. Hmmmmm. Now there’s a new diet idea. Each day pick one of your favorite things to eat, and eat just that all day. Hurl in the evening. After a week, you are set for a couple of decades, or at my age, for the rest of your life! Awesome! You never cease to amaze me at your cleverness. 🙂 If only I could get over the emotional feeling of loss at not eating my favorite things ever again.


      • I know. :- / . I almost didn’t post my reply for that reason. But I figured you and hopefully anyone reading comments on your post would not go there, or think that I was serious, or that they should take the idea as serious. 🙂


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