My Nest Got Colder


Ratchet is also puzzled by his new found space.

I turned on the fireplace for the first time this season and found the experience surprisingly disappointing.  Here is how the fireplace works at our house. On a cold morning, I get up and come out into the living room and turn on the fire. As soon as the blower turns on, my backside begins to warm and I rub my hands behind me to shake off the chill.  Almost like clockwork, as soon as the blower starts making noise, my oldest son jumps in front of the fire. There we stand shoulder-to-shoulder (though some years it was shoulder-to-hip or shoulder-to-ribs). We lean and push on each other jockeying for the best position to gain maximum heat. Words aren’t spoken except for the occasional comment on how the dog is the real loser in the battle. It is our game. Our dance. Our “I love you.”

Today, and for the foreseeable future,  I have the fireplace all to myself. All the more heat for me. But it is colder.

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