Key to Marriage: Keep on Playing


Guillotine the card game is our latest passion. Game on!

I was at Denny’s this Sunday. The last time I really remember Denny’s was going with friends after a high school dance (or I should say after they went to the dance and I tagged along, but that’s another story). My husband wanted a breakfast burrito. I just assumed that any restaurant serving breakfast sells a burrito, so off to our neighborhood Denny’s we went. We found no such burrito, but we did find the entire population of Applewood over the age of 70. I couldn’t believe it. That’s where this generation escaped to!

Our waitress looked young, about 65 give or take five years. She brought my husband his orange juice and straw. He carefully unwrapped the straw and promptly blew the straw paper in my face. Without missing a beat in our conversation, I picked up the paper and continued our discussion. The waitress immediately came over and looked quizzically at me.

“Did he just blow a straw paper in your face?”

“Yes, yes he did.”

“I’m sorry you have to be with him.”

We all laughed and I informed her that I had been getting this treatment for 27 years.

It made me pause and think for a moment. I’m so grateful for my husband and our ability to play. We are kids at heart. We play all the time. We play with our kids’ toys (long after they stopped). We play board games. We play card games. We make up rules for homemade sports. We play. Life gets hard. We play. Life gets sad. We play. Life gets busy. We still play. We squeeze in ten minutes here and ten minutes there to play between our comings and goings.

I think play keeps us sane and gives our brains a mini vacation–even when there is no vacation in sight. Our latest passion is Guillotine and Dutch Blitz. These are card games that we discovered after long obsessions with Rummikub, Scrabble, Mastermind, Monopoly, and outdoor punting competitions. What’s next? Who knows? It doesn’t really matter. As long as we keep playing I’m pretty sure we can make it through anything life can deal out.

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